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Organizer Julie Morgenstern has a radical idea: Don’t wait until the weekend to plan your weekend.


Let me guess – you’re WAY too busy during the week to even think about it?

That’s the problem.

According to Morgenstern, most people hope their weekend will magically fall together. However, when you wait until Friday night to start planning, your friends are booked. The Saturday concert you’d like to go to is sold out. And do you really want to spend Sunday just doing the laundry?

She has a simple solution. Divide your weekend into 7 units:

  • Friday night
  • Saturday morning / afternoon / evening
  • Sunday morning / afternoon / evening

Good news – planning your weekend doesn’t limit the fun. Deep couch sitting and binge watching can be just as important as getting stuff done.

Take a look at her short video – it will change the way you think about your time. Put your mindfulness skills to work and don’t let beautiful Summer weekends get away from you!