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Summer – it’s on!

Are you already feeling busy? Summer camps, holiday parties, yardwork… The list goes on and on.

Did you forget something?


Summer is the perfect time to take care of yourself in new ways. If you want a shortcut, you can hack the list below with a simple statement. Whenever you hear yourself saying, “Ohhh! I want to do that!”, that’s an area of self-care.

Here are 10 easy ways to feed your soul this Summer:

  1. Bake extra time into your schedule. Why? Because life is full of little speed bumps – the extra time it takes to get to and from meetings, the surprise traffic back-up, or the grocery store line with the new cashier. Giving yourself even 10 minutes extra can reduce your stress. And make sure you have time to ease in and out of the day. No jumping out of bed unless you want to!
  2. Sign up for an exercise class. What puts you on track? A vigorous spin class to get geared up for the day? A gentle yoga session in the evening to leave all the stress behind?
  3. Plan at least 3 Zero KM meals a week. What’s a zero KM meal? Dishes using food that didn’t have to travel. It can be elaborate with a beautiful antipasto platter of local meats and cheeses or pasta with a pesto sauce using basil from your backyard. Think rustic, seasonal and fresh.
  4. Close all tabs. Turn off your notifications. Power down.
  5. Combine your meditation and exercise routine by doing a walking meditation. Better yet, take your shoes off and walk in the grass.
  6. Schedule your weekend no later than Thursday night using the 7-unit plan.
  7. Establish a Free Zone. What goes in this space? Any prickly topic. Amazing things happen when you don’t spend lunch or dinner arguing about politics, complaining about family members, or worrying about the bills. (Or make it a whole day of the week, like Sunday.)
  8. Create a ritual for yourself. It can be as basic as dinner without the TV on or a daily walk before or after you eat. Mariel Hemingway is committed to seeing every sunrise and sunset.
  9. Find time to read…and not just electronically! Has it been so long since you read a book that you don’t know where to start? The New York Public Library has suggested reading lists for everyone – from babies to adults. You can visit another world without leaving your favorite lounge chair.
  10. Dedicate yourself to having 90 days of fun. Don’t make it a job. Do make it a priority.

Be good to yourselves, Soul Bosses!