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Summer is officially 5 days away, but are you itching for a road trip?

If traveling makes you a little nervous, here are 6 tips to make your trip run like clockwork:

  1. Don’t Guess on the Weather. Technically it was Summer in London, but you could have fooled me. The howling wind at 8 AM outside Westminster Abbey made me glad to have a windbreaker on hand. General trends are helpful, but fine-tune your last-minute packing by checking the 10 day forecast.
  2. Pros Don’t Stand In Ticket Lines. You already know to reserve your tickets online, but be sure to group your activities by location, too. Spend your vacation time doing fun stuff, not in a subway or the back of a cab as you shuffle from one end of town to the other.
  3. Your Phone Charger Goes With You. It’s a tip that never gets old – always put your phone charger in your personal item. And take advantage of charger bars at the airport. Boarding your flight with a full battery? Instant feel-good!
  4. Carry Some Protein. Always carry almonds, trail mix or protein bars, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Everyone will be less tempted to load up on airport snacks like big bagels or huge bags of cookies and candy. If you’d like more tips about traveling with the family, such as eating out and road trips, check out Meg Harris’ terrific site, Special Globe. She loves to travel with her son and special needs daughter.
  5. Pack in a Single Palette. Simplify your packing by following advice from tour guide Sarah Murdoch to pack in a single palette. Pick black or brown as your base, then add accent colors. Be sure to check out Sarah’s “Pre-Travel Task” checklist.
  6. Pouches are your friend. You probably already use packing cubes in your luggage, but apply the same idea to your personal item (cosmetics or medications in one pouch, snacks in another, etc.). Think of it this way: the more distracted you are sifting through a messy boarding bag, the more attractive you are to pick-pockets and scam artists.

Bon voyage!