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As we head into August, are you about to write the Summer months off?

Don’t cruise for the next month. Put the days to good use by mastering the mini-project, an idea from author Robert Neiman in his book, “Execution Plain and Simple: Twelve Steps to Achieving Any Goal on Time and on Budget“.

Here are some suggestions for that last month before school starts:

  1. Designate a time period for quick turn projects, like 30-100 days. You can test everything from a new advertising campaign to the spin class that just opened up down the street. I’ve flipped my walking routine from after work to morning, and so far it’s a peach, not a pit!
  2. Use mini-projects to build self-confidence. Overhauling the backyard is a monstrous goal. However, anyone can see the results of weeding in just 30 minutes.
  3. Take the big project and chunk it down. Is this your Summer to do something creative? Don’t wait for big blocks of time to get going. Spend an hour a week writing, crafting, or painting. By the end of the Summer, you will see real progress.

You are built for success, Soul Bosses. Get going!