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It’s a rough and tumble world right now. Are you looking for some inspiration?

Then you need to see “STEP”. STEP is a documentary showing the stories of seniors in a high school step dance team in inner-city Baltimore. These girls have plenty going against them – absentee parents, unstable home environments, and a lot of bias. But they don’t let any of those blocks stop them.

Paula Dofat, Director of College Counseling at the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women explains, “I want to have three main principles that we follow: Solidarity, disciple, and self-esteem.” Those are more than just high ideals. Ms. Dofat puts them into action, requiring consistently high grades as a prerequisite for participation. And you’ll have to watch the movie to find out how many of the girls were accepted into college.

Gari “Coach G” McIntyre puts it all into perspective: “I have a purpose.”

STEP girls, we salute you!