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A friend of mine went all out for Thanksgiving last year. Truffle oil mac and cheese. Green beans with a bacon dressing. Sweet potatoes with a brown sugar topping.

Guess what? They had a ton of food left over.

He’s an amazing cook, so everything tasted great. But on a single table, it was…Just. Too. Much.

So here are 3 pro tips to keep Thanksgiving simple:

  1. If you haven’t tested a recipe by now, leave it for another time. Don’t add any pressure on the big day.
  2. Write down a timeline for the entire week of Thanksgiving. Give yourself a grace period with the time you block out to run errands – lines at the grocery store or your favorite bakery or butcher will be long. (Ask me sometime about my friend who started thawing a 20+ pound turkey late Tuesday night. That story definitely belongs in the “Thanksgiving Fails” Hall of Fame!)
  3. Choose one or two indulgences, then leave everything else nice and easy. Spend your budget on the best quality ingredients possible, and skip rich sauces that cover up the taste. Who doesn’t love fresh, clean eating?

More than anything, have fun. Your guests will thank you!

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