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As 2017 comes to an end, I wanted to recognize everyone in the Soul Boss community. I’m happy and humbled to know that Soul Bosses are around the globe – from my home in the rainy, fierce beauty of the Pacific Northwest to countries like Turkey, India, China, South Africa and Ireland.

I thank everyone who has read, commented, liked and shared the posts. The deep work we do every Tuesday is just a set up for all the fun we have on Good Find Fridays. Qualities like mindfulness, empathy and awareness show up in the least expected places – whether you’re eating great food with friends and family, traveling the world or taking in a new book or movie. Soul Bosses took those ideas off those page and made them a rich part of daily life this year.

Thanks for joining in and meeting up:

  • At Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We continue to keep the conversation thoughtful and positive in an unpredictable, often volatile space. We stayed centered and didn’t let all kinds of crazy become the boss of us!
  • On Soundcloud and iTunes. A hat tip to everyone who takes the columns on the go, especially listeners half a world away in Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • At MyTrendingStories. I’m grateful to readers who catch the series every month at the MyTrendingStories hub.
  • By Email. Special acknowledgment goes to email subscribers. Many of you are close friends, and I value your support, encouragement, and kind and constructive feedback.
  • Through WordPress. My fellow WordPress writers motivate me with their creativity and tenacity. Thank you as well to the WordPress staff who work hard to make their platform better and better.

I always take a break at the end of December, and I hope you will, too. Until Tuesday, January 2, I’ll leave you with a beautiful idea from author Hamilton Wright Mabie.

However you choose to celebrate, go in peace. Have a blessed holiday!