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Imagine a year without stacks of stuff everywhere, quietly draining your energy. A year where you never pay late fees or waste time looking for your keys. And a year where you have plenty of time for creativity or hanging out with friends and family. Does that sound good for 2018?

Organization matters for Soul Bosses because it brings clarity. It keeps your life moving and refreshed. Most important, honesty about what you have and how you’re managing it has an inevitable ripple effect in your life.

Don’t pressure yourself to flip over the whole house in a single session. Instead, try these simple ideas to get the new year started on the right foot. They all take 15 minutes or less!

  1. Clean a horizontal surface: Clear off at least one flat surface. (Pro tip – make it the thing that bothers you every time you see it, whether that’s your dining room table, bathroom counter or bedroom dresser.) Act on it, toss it or shred it.
  2. Pick a regular day/time to handle paperwork: If you’re a stacker, choose your new weekly day and time to sort through whatever you receive, like every Sunday evening. Think of it like this: What is more appealing – a few minutes each week or an hour or more at the end of the month?!
  3. Check your coat closet: Why wait until the end of the season? Someone would love to have your extra coat, hat or set of gloves during this especially bitter Winter.

If you’re still making January intentions, decide to make your home the ultimate place of rest and renewal this year. Don’t let post-holiday clutter and mess become the boss of you!