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Are your 2018 intentions materializing in a stop-start way, where you feel like you’re all over the board? Relax—the antidote is to get your energy back in balance. Not balanced like a world-class gymnast or house of cards. Think “stable,” “strong” and “steady.”  We’ll talk about how to do that in the April series, Energy Balancers.

Energy matters, because we’re creating all the time. It’s up to you whether you want to direct your time toward what’s for lunch or an artistic masterpiece! Using energy in an intentional way sounds easy until you factor in your personal history, which may be filled with disappointment and pain. Finding balance starts by transforming those blocks into powerful wisdom, a key Soul Boss tenet.

I learned about handling blocks the hard way when my washing machine overflowed. There was good news and bad news: Everything was all right inside the house, but the pipe leading to the street had layer upon layer of roots growing from a neighbor’s tree. Imagine the buzzkill when the plumber couldn’t get the clogged pipe fixed for a few days (and I’ll spare you the colorful details)!

Likewise, you want a clean pipeline for your energy. You may feel clear while you’re writing a daily goal list or spending a few minutes in meditation, but what happens when your subconscious kicks in? You’re in good company if you find yourself thinking thoughts like these when you’re walking down the hall, commuting to work or hanging out at home:

  • Disappointment – “What’s the use? It didn’t work out before.”
  • Resentment – “Why does someone else get all the good breaks?”
  • Rejection – “No one gets me,” or “I have trouble connecting with people. People always dump on me and betray me.”
  • Uncertainty – “I should get going, but I’m just not motivated.”

Letting those unproductive, silent scripts run in the background every waking hour is like fertilizing the small roots tangled up in my pipe. Good may ultimately find its way to you, but it’s going to have to work pretty hard to get through all the layers!

Maybe you already know what’s bothering you, but here’s the million-dollar question: Are you willing to take the next step and let it go? That’s what happened when the sewer man diagnosed the problem. I didn’t get in his way arguing, “Wait! I need to keep watering those weeds!” In minutes, he ground up the roots and the water flowed beautifully.

So, the next time “Why does someone else get all the good breaks?” pops into your mind, transform that block with the statement, “Opportunities are everywhere for me.” If that feels like wishful thinking, temper your delivery. For example, “In the past, I faced limitations. But now opportunities are everywhere for me.”

Stagnant energy, which is simply fear, in every form—constant worries, unprocessed emotions causing you physical pain, and people and situations taking up space in your heart—undermines everything good. If you’re ready to be in the flow, lose the layers.