Be a Soul Boss


Who’s the boss of you?

Social media?

Your friends?

Your calendar or bank account?

What if you could start over? Imagine being the creative, wise CEO of your life, even in the toughest situations.

Being a Soul BossSM is based on 5 simple principles:

  1. Think independently;
  2. Trust your instincts;
  3. Move through change with flexibility and authenticity;
  4. Demonstrate courage and self-awareness; and
  5. Show tolerance and compassion (and that includes toward yourself!).

We have provocative conversations every Tuesday so you can build mad skills to navigate the real world. Weekends start early with food, fun and plenty of pop culture on Good Find Friday.

Amp up the joy and turn down the struggle with customizable, sustainable techniques.

Join in and be a Soul BossSM!

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