The Soul Boss Principles

Here’s a simple question: Who’s the boss of you?

Is it your phone, social media, calendar or credit cards? Maybe it seems like your friends and family are calling the shots.

Let’s look at it from another angle: If you’re already the boss of you, are you a good boss? Are you kind and reasonable, or demanding and critical? If you treated others the way you treat yourself, would they be eager to work for you?

It’s possible to start over and become the creative, wise CEO of your life. You can integrate your work, home, and weekend personalities into a seamless experience by using mindfulness, courage, and integrity. When you use soft skills to solve hard choices, soulful moments don’t happen every blue moon; they happen everywhere you go.

There are three straightforward Soul BossSM principles:

  1. Connect head and heart by relying on your instincts as much as your intellect;
  2. Calibrate to a changing world with authenticity; and
  3. Commit to practicing insight, wisdom, and compassion.

Life can be challenging and uncomfortable. That’s why building a set of customized techniques that grow with you should be easy. Easy to understand, with personal stories and universal truths. Easy to implement, with clear, practical actions. And right to the point, because you need real-time solutions. 

Happiness doesn’t need to wait until after hours. Amp up the joy and turn down the struggle with plain and simple techniques. Join the Soul Boss community!

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